Manejo de Modelos de Calidad del Aire y sus Utilitarios
  • We are specialized in the application of Air Dispersion, Photochemical, Receptor, and Meteorological models.
  • We perform modeling studies in different scales: Local, Urban, Regional, and Country.
  • We customize our modeling projects according to the industry needs (type of pollutant, area of impact, type of source, etc.)
Model Description
WRF A mesoscale numerical weather prediction system
MOBILE6.2 Mobile emission model
SMOKE Emission processor model
CMB Receptor model
MODELS3/CMAQ Photochemical model 3D
CAMx Photochemical model 3D
UAMV Photochemical model 3D
CALGRID Photochemical model 3D
REACTIVE Reactive Plume model 2D
MM5 Mesoscale Meteorological model
CALPUFF Air pollution dispersion model
CALMET Meteorological 3D model
CTDMPLUS Compex terrain model
CALINE4 Mobile source model
BPIP Pre – processor for building downwash calculations
AERMOD Improved Industrial Source Complex Short Term model
ISCPRIME  Industrial Source Complex Short Term model
ISCST3 Industrial Source Complex Short Term model
SCREEN3  Worst case one source Basic model
Simtron Blast plume simulator

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